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Burst & Proof Pressure Test


Burst & Proof Pressure Test Bench

World-quality components, assembled in China

Tag: High pressure test bench, hydrostatic test bench, test hose, tubings, pipes, vessels, valves and cylinders, Air driven boosters


SAE J157-100R, SAE J2044, ASTMD 1598-1599, ISO 1167

Technical Data:


  • Test Pressure: 0-400Mpa

  • Test port: 1~2ports

  • Pressure precision: 2%FS

  • Timing range: 0-1000hours

  • Test medium: Water/Oil

  •  Medium temperature: -40C~1503C(*Optional)

  • Driven air supply: =7bar@1.6NM3/min

  • Computer power supply: 220VAC, 2phases, 50HZ(Customized)

  • Dimension: 2modules                        

                       PC console: Customized size

                      Power unit: 1500mm1000mm1200mm




  • Burst & Proof pressure test and calibrate hose, pipe and tubing.
  • Test high pressure vessels and cylinders
  • Test hose, pipe and tubing
  • Wellhead equipments and Christmas Tree testing
  • Chemical reagent injection system and high pressure reactor or tubing
  • Fire extinguisher equipments testing
  • Versatile: bursting and hydrostatic pressure test

Features: World-quality components, assembled in China

  • Outlet pressure up to 500Mpa can be easily and precisely controlled, pressurization speed can be set as request.
  • Wider testing pressure and larger flow capacity with 2 boosters units
  • All high pressure valves, tubings are world-quality. Water, oil, creamy liquid and other liquids are applicable.
  • 2 stages controlled by PC and PLC/ MCU, the whole testing process can be completely operated through PC. Provide test reports with graphical and matrix form, all the data can be saved.
  • Manual operation is also available as stand by.
  • To keep pressure constant precisely, the aire driven booster automatically stops and restarts sensitively and promptly according to the real-time pressure drop.
  •  Pressure relieves by PC or manual alternatively. High reliability based on alert system of over pressure, over time and pressure drops. 
  • Testing site is monitored by video real time. *(Optional)
  • The test software enables the easy operation and monitor through the PC friend interface when performing the Burst & Proof pressure test.

Specimen to be tested:

specimen suited to burst proof pressure test bench

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