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Color viewing booth for lens & camera Test
See original size of color light box for camera test


Color viewing booth for lens & camera test



Widely applies to the definition inspection of the mobile phone camera & lens, digital camera & lens and digital monitoring lens etc., It can be used together with the ISO 12233 Chart and ColorChecker 24.



.The Color light box for lens & Camera Testing provides D65 light source, can configure TL84/ CWF / D50 etc. light sources also.

.Use the microcomputer to control the rapid transformation between each light group.

.All the fittings and accessories of the color light box of camera test are qualified by international standards.


Performance of Color Light Box for Camera Test:

1. Artificial Daylight D65 , F and TL84, certificated by CIE.

2. Background color of the light box is Neutral Gray of absorbance which was formulated by CIE.

3, Three groups of lamps(D65 or TL84 or F) with switchgroup and elapsed-time meter for tracking optimal lamps replacement.

4. Light source: D65 / TL84, F.


Technical Data:

1, Color temperature range: 2700K ~ 7500K.

2, Continuable light intensity adjustment.  ( 1%~100%).

3, Available focal length: 100mm~1750mm.

4. Lighting homogeneity. > 80%

5. Adjustable range of illumination : 5%-100% , uniformity > 80%.

6. The color light box for lens & camera test can be made by customized.

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