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Hydraulic Test with expansion
Hydraulic Test with expansion


Hydraulic Test with expansion

Model: P1021



ECE R110, ISO11439




  • Test medium: water

  • Pressure range: 0~30Mpa

  • Test port: 1port

  • Pressure precision: 1%FS

  • Volumetric expansion precision: 0.1ml

  • Volumetric expansion range: 0~10L

  • Expansion reading: Burette tube or Digital scale

  • Power supply: 220VAC, 2phases, 50Hz

  • Driven air supply: 7bar@2NM3/min

  •  Dimension:

a)      Power station: 1200mm600mm800mm

b)      Water Jacket: according to the cylinder size


Note: Hoist and Trolley for cylinder transportation and positioning are not included in the set of Hydraulic test with expansion bench.


Specimen suited to Hydraulic test with expansion:


specimen suited to Hydraulic test with expansion


Hydraulic test with expansion Software Interface:


Hydraulic test with expansion software

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