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Impulse & Cycling Test
Impulse & Cycling Test



Impulse & Cycling Test

Model: P1012



ISO 6803-1997, ISO 6802, SAE J343-2001, SAE 100R, SAE J1405-2005


Technical Data:


l           Test Pressure: 0-70Mpa

l           Accuracy: 0.1Mpa

l           Frequency: 0-1.5Hz(Depends on the volume and physical character of the specimen)

l           Ambient temperature: -40~150C3C

l           Medium temperature: -40~150C3C

l           Test quantity: 2~8pcs

l           Medium: Hydraulic oil or DOT

l           Life time: >10million times

l           Test waveform: basic square waveform, T waveform, trangle waveform, sine waveform

l           Mounting: 180 or 90 as per the standard)

l           Dimension: 3 modules

                   1) PC console: customized size

                   2) Power unit: 1800mm1200mm1600mm

3) Test chamber: 1500mm900mm1000mm 


Specimen to be tested:

 specimen suited to Impulse and cycling test bench

Software interface:

Impulse and cycling test software


  • Impulse & cycling test and calibrate hose, pipe and tubing.
  • Quality was guaranteed by high pressure air driven pumps made in USA.
  • IVS-Test software ensures the easy operation and monitor through the PC friend interface when performing the impulse test.

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