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1. Color Test

Controlled lighting booth (Hot)          

Color viewing booth for lens & camera test   

HP-200 Color meter (Hot)

CM-2600d / 2500d Spectrophotometer (spectral type)             CS-200 Luminance & Color Meters

CM-700d / 600d Spectrophotometer (spectral type)

CR-400 / 410 Color meters           LS-100/LS-110 Luminance Meters        CL-200A Incident Color Meter

2. Hydraulic Test

Burst & Proof Pressure Test     Gas Leak Test             Burst & Hydrostatic Test Bench

Volumetric Expansion Test         Hydraulic Test with expansion         Burst Test with expansion             

Impulse & Cycling Test

3. Tantalum Products    Nuclear grade sodium

4. Wedge connectors

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