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Volumetric Expansion Test
Volumetric Expansion Test  



Volumetric Expansion Test

Model: P1013


Interior picture of  Volumetric test bench:

interior structure of Volumetric expansion test bench




SAE J1401


Technical Data:

  • Test pressure: 0~40Mpa

  • Test port: 1port

  •  Precision of pressure transducer: 0.5%FS

  • Precision of constant pressure: -2%~+2%

  • Timing range: 0~120mins

  • Rate of pressure rise: 103Mpa/min5%

  • Buret measuring range: 0~2mL, Resolution: 0.01mL

  • Sampling SS tube: Length: 305?mm, Out diameter: 6.3mm

  • Thickness: =1.52mm

  • Calibration: correction factor = 0.04ml@10.3Mpa

  • Standard power supply: 220VAC, 2phases, 50Hz

  • Dimension: 800mm500mm1800mm



Specimen suited to Volumetric Expansion test bench:

Specimen suited t Volumetric expansion test


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