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Gas Leak Test
Gas Leak Test Bench


Gas Leak Test

Model: P1024 


ECE R110, ISO11439



  • Test medium: Air

  • Pressure range: 0~30Mpa

  • Test port: 1port

  • Pressure precision: <3%FS

  •  Flow rate: 1NM3/min

  •  Power supply: 380VAC

  • Driven air supply: 7bar@2NM3/min

  • Dimension:

a)      Power station: 1200mm600mm800mm

b)      PC console: Customized size


Leak detection methods: 4 ways as below:

1)      Bubble from water tank

2)      Pressure indicator difference

3)      Flow meter indication

4)      Gas leak detector


leak detection for gas leak test


Check the air bubbles from water tank when performing Leak detection.




  • Gas leak test hose, pipe and tubing.
  • Gas leak detects high pressure vessels and cylinders.
  • Wellhead equipments and Christmas Tree testing.
  • Chemical reagent injection system and high pressure reactor or tubing.
  • Fire extinguisher equipments gas leak testing.

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