CS720 Haze Meter


CS720 Haze Meter is widely used in the filed of paints,coating,plastics,ink,rubber,printing,paper, glass, handware, ceramic, marble etc.

Color and haze meter CS-720 can measure products color and haze in one instrument. It is is designed for plastic, films, glass, LCD panel, touch screen other transparent and semi-transparent materials.

Unit Price: USD9,999/pc, contact us for latest pricing.


  • Conform to ASTM and ISO standard. 3 kinds of light sources A,C and D65 for haze measurement.
  • It can realize transmittance compensation measurement which can provide higher accuracy test result.
  • Open measurement area, no limit on sample size. Vertical measurement is also available.
  • Different fixtures to meet the measurement requirement for sheet material and liquid in different shapes.
  • Available for liquid and sheet material measurement
  • The software is with color, haze and transmittance measurement functions.


Model CS720 Haze Meter
Light Source CIE-A,CIE-C,CIE-D65 Chromaticity Value: A,C,D50,D55,D65,D75,F1,F2,F3,F4,F5,F6,F7,F8,F9,F10,F11,F12,CMF,U30,DLF,NBF,TL83,TL84
Standards ASTM D1003/D1044,ISO13468/ISO14782 CIE No.15,ISO 7724/1,ASTM E1164,DIN 5033 Teil7, JIS Z8722 Condition c standard
Parameters HAZE,Transmittance(T),Spectral Transmittance, Whiteness Index (ASTM E313-00,ASTM E313-73,CIE/ISO,AATCC,Hunter,Taube Berger Stensby) Yellowness Index (ASTM D1925,ASTM E313-00,ASTM E313-73) Tint(ASTM E313-00), Metamerism Index, Milm APHA,Pt-Co,Gardner,Color Difference(ΔE*ab,ΔE*CH,ΔE*uv,ΔE*cmc(2:1),ΔE*cmc(1:1),ΔE*94,ΔE*00)
Spectral Response CIE Luminosity function y
Wavelength 400-700nm
Wavelength Interval 10nm
Geometry 0/d
Measurement Area/Sample Port 16.5mm/21mm
Measurement Range 0-100%
Haze Resolution 0.01
Haze Repeatability ≤0.1
Sample Size Thickness ≤150mm
Display 5 inch TFT LCD screen
Memory 20000 value
Interface USB
Power 220V (with power cable)
Working Temperature 10-40 ℃
Storage Temperature 0-50℃
Size (LxWxH) 598mm X 247mm X 366mm
Standard Accessory PC software (Color QC)
Optional Measurement Fixture, Haze standard film