Datacolor ELREPHO Spectrophotometers


Datacolor ELREPHO, a trusted spectrophotometer for the paper industry, suitable for the reference laboratory or production control of color, brightness, opacity, diffuse reflectance factors, yellowness, and whiteness of pulp, paper and chemicals. It uses a diffuse/0° optical geometry and automated, adjustable, ISO 2469 compliant UV filter.

Datacolor ELREPHO is designed for: Laboratory and quality control of pulp, paper and paper components.

Datacolor ELREPHO is a high performance spectrophotometer made for the paper industry, perfect for the reference laboratory or production control of color, brightness, opacity, yellowness and whiteness measurements of pulp, paper and chemicals used in paper and coating manufacturing. The dual beam spectrophotometer with diffuse/0° optical geometry and an adjustable UV filter conforms to ISO 2469.

Unit Price: USD9,999/pc, contact us for latest pricing.

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  • Designed for the Paper Industry
  • Easy Application & Efficient Workflow. Simple operation of sample presentation and alignment is facilitated by the vertical configuration and through-the-sphere sample viewer, enabling faster measurement throughput. Three aperture plates are included with the instrument. SAV and USAV plates enable accurate measurement of small and very small areas of a sample, while the XLAV plate is recommended for irregular and textured sample averaging.
  • Compatible with the preceding Elrepho 3000 series, it achieves very close agreement among all instruments in your supply chain. Along with the instrument, the patented Datacolor SP 2000 spectrophotometer is included: a durable, pulsed xenon light source to approximate D65, an automated zoom lens, and adjustable, automated UV cut-off filters for three wavelengths to control the UV component from the light source.


Feature Elrepho
Instrument Type dual-beam spectrophotometer
Measurement Geometry diffuse illumination and 0° viewing
Illumination Source pulsed xenon filtered to approximate D65
Sphere Diameter 152 mm / 6.0 in
Spectral Analyzer proprietary SP2000 analyzer with dual 256 diode array and high resolution holographic grating
Wavelength Range 360 nm to 700 nm
Reporting Interval 10 nm
Effective Bandwidth 10 nm
Wavelength Resolution 2 nm
Photometric Range: 0 to 200%
Photometric Resolution 0.003%
Black Trap high performance
20 Read Repeatability On The White Tile
Using Dual Flash (CIELAB)
0.02 (max)
Inter-instrument Agreement1
0.4 (maximum), 0.2 (average)
Lens 3 position auto zoom
XLAV Aperture plate 34 mm illuminated and 30 mm measured
SAV Aperture plate 9 mm illuminated and 5 mm measured
USAV Aperture plate 6.5 mm illuminated and 2.5 mm measured
Automatic UV Control automatic UV calibration for the measurement of fluorescent specimens with UV cutoff filters at 395 nm, 420 nm and 460 nm
Vertical Mount includes peephole sample viewer and pedestal sample holder
Height 640 mm / 25 3/16 in
Width 312 mm / 12 5/16 in
Depth 371 mm / 14 5/8 in
Weight 19.05 kg / 42 lb
Power Requirements 85 to 264 VAC, 47 to 63 Hz, 80 VA peak, 35 VA typical
Absolute Operating Range 5° to 40° C, 5% to 85% non-condensing relative humidity
Interface RS-232 9600/19200 baud