Datacolor 45 & 45G & 45S Spectrophotometer


Datacolor 45 family of portable spectrophotometers offers exceptional measurement performance with excellent repeatability, even on textured samples. The low profile design, intuitive user interface, and connectivity options make the instrument easy-to-learn and easy-to-use. The built-in gloss meter on the 45G enables simultaneous measurement of color and gloss.

Datacolor 45G – simultaneous measurement of color and gloss with best-in-class repeatability.

Datacolor 45S - highly accurate measurement of color appearance. Achieve close correlation to visual assessment.

The Datacolor 45 portable instruments are ideal for inspection and control of total color appearance for retail hard goods, large appliances, and consumer electronics involving plastic parts, painted surfaces and coil coatings.

The Datacolor 45 instruments use the most accurate spectrometer in the industry – the same optical engine that is used in Datacolor’s reference grade bench top spectrophotometers. The spectrometer employs a dual 256 photo-diode array sensor coupled with holographic grating, which deliver 2-nm resolution. This means that you can reliably capture true spectral fingerprints of any color at the highest possible accuracy.

Unit Price: USD9,999/pc, contact us for latest pricing.

PDF Download Datacolor 45G Brochure

PDF Download Datacolor 45S Brochure


    Excellent Repeatability, Even on Textured Samples

  • The Datacolor 45’s patented illuminator uses a diamond-turned reflector positioned over a circular array of full spectrum LEDs. This optical system provides highly efficient light mixing resulting in exceptionally uniform illumination without any shadowing effects. Excellent repeatability is achieved, even on highly textured samples, while minimizing the need for additional rotational measurements.
  • Built-In 60° Glossmeter in Datacolor 45G

  • The Datacolor 45G measures color and 60° gloss at the same time and display the results against your tolerances. This ensures quick detection of an appearance mismatch in production.
  • Extensive Onboard Functionality - In Color

  • 1-click continuous sample measurement.
  • Live navigation bar enables easy access to Target, Batch, Tolerance, and other settings.
  • Pass/Fail, Auto-Standard, Auto-Naming, Auto-Saving, Indices and more
  • Thoughtfully Designed for Optimal Use

  • Sleek design with a low-profile probe for usage in hard to access locations, e.g. a car dashboard.
  • Measure buttons on either side allow for left and right handed usage.


Measuring Geometry 45°/0 °, viewing in conformance with CIE: 2004
Light Source LED solid-state circumferential illumination
Spectral Range 400 to 700nm
Effective Bandwidth 10 nm
Wavelength Resolution 2 nm
Spectrometer Principle Master concave holographic grating
Detector Proprietary Dual 256 element diode array
Color Repeatability < 0.01 Δ E*ab on white ceramic tile
Gloss Repeatability +/- 0.1 GU from 1-10; +/- 0.2 GU from 10-100
Color Inter-Instrument Agreement 0.15 ΔE*ab avg of 12 BCRA tiles,
0.25 ΔE*ab max on any BCRA tile
Gloss Reproducibility ± 0.5 GU from 1-10, +/- 1 GU from 10-100
Aperture Size 11 mm target window (8 mm measurement)
Battery Rechargeable Li Ion > 2,000 measures/charge
Operating Environment 10° to 40°C up to 85% RH, non-condensing
Interface USB, Bluetooth wireless