Datacolor 45IR Spectrophotometer


Datacolor 45IR provides a unique 3 in 1 solution for the formulation and quality control of security inks and secure documents. A world class, portable spectrophotometer, a VIS-NIR spectroscopic sensor and a densitometer; the Datacolor 45IR offers a powerful combination of performance and value.

Designed for: Color management, formulation and inspection in the printing of secure documents where color control is critical and fraud protection is paramount.

Portable quality control and color formulation for the secure printing industry. A world class portable spectrophotometer, a VIS-NIR spectroscopic sensor, and a densitometer; the Datacolor 45IR offers a powerful combination of performance and value.

Unit Price: USD9,999/pc, contact us for latest pricing.

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    Unique Feature Set Specific to the Security Printing Industry

  • 3 in 1 Colorimetric, NIR and Densitometric functionality
  • Printing industry standard 3mm aperture and 0/45 geometry
  • Spectral range of 380-1100nm
  • Powerful Hardware & Software Performance

  • State-of-the-art repeatability and inter-instrument agreement ensuring total confidence in your results.
  • Industry leading quality control with Datacolor TOOLS or formulation with MATCH Pigment software.
  • Thoughtful Design for Ergonomic Use

  • Lightweight (480g), portable design guarantees easy usage and handling.
  • Patented measuring head for exact positioning.
  • Extensive Onboard Functionality – In Color

  • 320×240 pixel, Liquid Crystal color backlit display
  • On board functionality including: CIE L*C*h*ab, CIE L*u*v*, CIE L*C*h*uv, CIE xyY, DIN Lab99, ΔE*cmc, ΔE*CIE94, ΔE*CIE2000 Metamerism index; whiteness; yellowness Pass-/fail tolerance averaging


Measuring Geometry: 0°:45°x to DIN 5033
Light Source: Tungsten
Spectral Range: 380 to 1100 nm
Effective Bandwidth: 10nm
Wavelength Resolution: 3.3nm
Spectrometer Principle: Monolithic, compact spectrometer with imaging grating
Detector: 256 pixel diode array
Repeatability: Density: 0.01 D
Colorimetric: 0.03 CIELAB ΔE*ab
Near IR: 0.3 %R (700 to 1000 nm)
Inter-Instrument Agreement: Density: 0.01 D
Colorimetric: 0.3 CIELAB ΔE*ab
Near IR: +/- 0.5 %R (700 to 1000 nm)
Aperture: 3mm measuring
Battery: Rechargeable NiMH > 10,000 measurements/charge
Instrument Interface: USB 2.0
Storage 0 to 40°C