Datacolor SELECT QC


Datacolor SELECT QC - an attractively priced solution for color accuracy and repeatable color control of goods in the plastics, paint and packaging-processing industries. Combines a precise and portable colorimeter with the most intuitive and robust Color QC software on the market today – at the price point of a light booth.

Designed for: Basic Color QC operations in the plastics, paint and packaging-processing industries.

Datacolor Select QC Software is intuitive and offers the most feature-rich color QC application in its category. Analyze, report, communicate and visualize accurate QC results. Achieve greater efficiency in processes and improved productivity.

Unit Price: USD9,999/pc, contact us for latest pricing.

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    Lightweight, Portable & Affordable

  • Datacolor Select QC® offers a cost-effective and highly accurate color QC solution. While others provide a light booth used for visual inspection at that price, Datacolor offers a complete instrumental color inspection solution with reliable and traceable data.
  • To control color accuracy of your products on a regular basis, an instrument should be easy-to-use. With only 100 grams, the Select QC unit is portable handy. The ideal solution for on the field or outside the lab use.
  • Highest Accuracy & Greatest Reliability

  • The Datacolor Select Colorimeter is the most accurate instrument in its class. Repeatable and precise results provide users confidence on every color measurement. The Result: reliable quality control and better brand management.
  • QC equipment must be robust and reliable. Datacolor Select technology has a proven track-record of dependability in variable environmental conditions. No moving parts or delicate displays, holds-up to wear and tear while delivering reliable results.
  • All units are covered under a two-year warranty.
  • Geometry & Aperture Size for Precise Color Detection

  • Molded plastic parts are often too small to be measured by a laboratory spectrophotometer, but not for the 4mm aperture diameter of the Select unit. It offers a convenient size to capture accurate results even for very small surface points of materials. No delicate mechanisms for exchanging apertures needed.
  • If no adequate measurement geometry is in place, instrumental color evaluation results frequently different from a visual inspection. Not with the Select colorimeter; its 45°/0° geometry reads color the same way as the human eye, registering effects of different textures and surfaces.


Instrument Type: 45°/0° Colorimeter with LED array, Dual Channel
Aperture: 4mm diameter
Captured data: XYZ or CIEL*a*b*, D65/10° or D50/2° observer
Performance: Short-term repeatability: 0.03 CIEL*a*b* (D50/2°)
Inter-instrument agreement: Average 0.4 DE94, Max 1.0 DE94.3 (derived using BCRA tileset)
Warm Up Time: None
Measurement Time: 1 second
Communication Interface: USB 2.0
Power Requirements: USB-powered
Dimensions: Height: 54.6 mm, Width:82.8 mm, Length: 134.3 mm
Weight: Weight: 4.1 oz
Illuminant/Observer CIE D65 or D50 Illuminant, 10° or 2° Standard Observer
COLOR / COLOR DIFFERENCE SCALES / TOLERANCES Absolute and Delta values, dE for CIE XYZ, xyz, L*, a*, b*, C*, h*, u* v*, CIE 94, CMC, CIE DE2000, DIN 99, FMCII, HunterLab
PLOTS/GRAPHICS CIELab, CIE Luv, CMC, HunterLab, CIE 94, DIN 99 absolute, Trend, Histogram, Chromaticity, interactive zoom function
GENERAL FEATURES Statistic Std. deviation/mean avg. , Pass/Fail descriptors, Verbal Color Difference descriptors, Color Patch, Color Search, Configurable Data Grids
MEASUREMENTS Average measurements, Remote Measurements, Automated calibration timeout, manual Data input
DATABASE FUNCTIONS Store, retrieve, rename, delete Standards and Batches, Organize Samples in a Folder Structure, Unique Sample Identifiers,
EXPORT/IMPORT Export to ASCII file, Export result data to EXCEL